Lowell’s Painting Inc. has been doing fire restoration and water damage since 1998. We are experienced in getting your house back to making it your home. Please call for an appointment for a free estimate.

Get Emergency fire and Water Damage Restoration Rochester, NY

Fires and water disasters can hit suddenly as a result of accidents, physical events or voluntary acts. When such types of tragedies happen, fire and water damage restoration services can help you to recover your property.

Fire Restoration:
Fire disaster can cause huge amounts of destruction on your property. It can seriously affect the inner and outer sides of your property as well. Experiencing a fire can be destructive, and Lowell’s Painting INC. understands that your cherished properties and thoughts are at stake.

As fire restoration experts, we also specialize in painting services as well to repaint your damage walls. We have a highly-skilled team dedicated to decreasing the costs and strains associated with fire and water damages.

Water Damage Restoration:
Water damage can start by various sources such as plumbing problems like broken pipelines in a basement, washing machine flooding, dishwasher leakage, and jammed toilets. Water damage weakens the organic integrity of the drywall as well as the roofs of your property, it can even be a health hazard.

Let’s overcome water damage issues and restore your walls’ value with our Painting Services. Our seasoned experts have decades of experience performing water restorations. We also handle both commercial and residential restoration projects.

If you’re dealing with water damage and fire accident problem you can contact Rochester’s professional fire and water damage restoration company quickly.

We also offer painting services in Rochester area to repaint your property, after such kind of disaster. For a complete estimate contact us today!

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